Control Panel Hosting

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Control panel hosting

Hosting control panel plays an important role in managing the web. For webmasters, maybe every day accessing this control panel, both for managing clients' websites, Understanding Control Panel Hosting is an application that can be run through a browser, which functions to manage hosting, such as creating or managing databases, installing websites, composing emails, creating sub domain or add on domain, and many other functions.
Desktop, where we can download and upload files remotely, run forex applications, bots / robots & automation, spinners. cPanel is one of the most widely used Linux-based control panels in web hosting accounts. Through this panel, you can easily manage all services in one place. Currently, cPanel is the most widely used standard panel and most web developers are very familiar with this tool.

The hosting control panel available today is very diverse, including:

Plesk is a Control Panel that is useful for making it easier for users to manage servers. Especially for hosting needs such as creating Web Hosting, Email, DNS management, to CMS installers.
Interworx is a Linux server management system and webhosting control panel based on open source. Aside from that, Interworx also provides a variety of tools that will make it easier for you to manage hosting and make it easy for the administrator (owner) to order the server itself.

Webmin, Webmin software or software is more designed for Unix and Linux platforms in a simple way, so that this hosting control panel is more functional and certainly powerful. In fact, recently reportedly a newer version of Webmin can also be installed and run on Windows-based systems.
ISP Config is a control panel that applies a multi-language, open source base. With this control panel you can also manage multiple servers under one control panel. In fact, ISP Config is also able to manage FTP, SQL, databases, virtual servers, etc.

Zpanel is one of the hosting control panels that is provided free of charge, but now it is reportedly paid. Zpanel can be used in various enterprise-class web hosting sites such as Linux, UNIX, MacOS, etc.

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