Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a collection of several servers that are in a large network or some kind of network peer, mostly using SAN (Storage Area Network) technology so that it has the advantage in terms of good data redundancy rather than stand alone servers.
Another thing to note is that Cloud Hosting allows you to manage peak loads more easily, without facing the problem of bandwidth shortages and reduces the possibility of downtime when there is damage to the server because other servers can provide additional resources.
This is possible because the website does not rely on just one server, but rather a group of servers that work together which is referred to as a "cloud".

How Cloud Hosting Works ?
Each server in the cloud hosting network has a certain set of tasks. When there is interference on one server, the other server will replace the failed server and provide the necessary resources. The same thing happens in the case of overloading. To ensure cloud hosting can function properly, high-quality server hardware is required to be able to perform various tasks.

The Advantages of Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting that has a server network will have a better uptime compared to a dedicated server that only has one server.

Lack of Cloud Hosting
The price is higher than that of a dedicated server because it builds a cloud hosting network with several high-quality servers.

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