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VPS is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is one of the most widely used hosting services for online websites. his type of hosting uses virtualization technology that provides a dedicated (private) resourse on the server even though it is used by more than one user.
VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a server side technology about the operating system and software that allows a machine with a large capacity to be divided into several virtual machines. Each of these virtual machines serves the operating system and software independently and with fast configuration. Globally, VPS is often used for Cloud Computing, Bot Software, Running Forex robot software 
(for trading), etc. VPS can also be interpreted as a method for partitioning or dividing a server's resources into multiple virtual servers. The virtual server has the ability to run its own operating system like a server.

VPS has a lot of functions and uses, including:
1. Web Hosting
One popular use is to provide web hosting. Virtual Private Server is perfect for mid-level and corporate websites, where applications require specific configuration and can only be done by Superuser. This usage is also suitable for starting a web hosting business with a limited budget but with quality services.

2. Backup Server
The need for a server backup to ensure that service is always running normally is very important. This backup server can include websites, emails, files and databases. All of these services are in separate physical and logical conditions so as to minimize damage or loss of data.

3. As a file server or storage server where we can store files and data either through ftp or http.

4. As a remote desktop server, where we can download and upload files remotely, run forex applications, bots / robots & automation, spinners.

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