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Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a hosting service where a hosting account is put together by several other hosting accounts on the same server, and uses services together. The advantage of shared hosting is that it's cheap.

While Dedicated Hosting is a hosting service where a server is used by 1 account (or 1 website, 1 client) only. The advantage is better performance and privacy, because the server is not used by third parties. Consists of Colocation (where the machine is provided by the client himself and placed in the data center of the hosting provider) and Dedicated Server (where the machine is provided by the hosting provider)

Advantages of Shared Hosting

Of course there are many benefits to using a shared hosting plan. One of them, which I have explained above is saving money or spending less money because of low prices. Most shared hosting is fully managed by the hosting service provider. When your site is fully managed it means that the shared hosting provider is taking care of the technical elements of your site. This means you don't need to worry about anything other than managing your site (sales, content, design, etc.)
By using shared hosting of course your time will also not be wasted to take care of the server side. So by choosing shared hosting from your hosting service provider, you can save a lot of time and money.

Lack of Shared Hosting
As with any service or product, there are some pitfalls. If your site grows too big for a server, you may be charged before you upgrade to a VPS (virtual private server) or dedicated server. This can also slow down your site, even down due to increased traffic. Or, if other people use too many shared resources, the speed of your site might be affected.

You will not have the freedom in shared hosting to customize your server. You do not have access. This is the other downside of hosting that is fully managed by the provider. For those of you who want to have a little more free control over how your site operates, shared hosting might not be the best choice. You are far better off using a VPS or even a dedicated server if the size of your site already requires the use of the package. You can make your own technical changes to your site's server.

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